Two weekends in a row and I can't do my laundry because the credit card reader won't work. Calls to customer service do no good. They will not allow you to speak to a supervisor. You just get pushed to voicemail or told by agent they don't send technicians out on weekends. I dwell like saying to their management, uh hello you insufferable corporate fatcats, when do you think all of us worker bees do our laundry? I dont have a car so I am now going to have to spend my Saturday off schlepping my laundry ffour blocks to the nearest laundromat. Oh, but wait you don't care because you have all your laundry done by domestic help and don't have slightest concept.

The machines and laundry room they manage are pathetically dirty and littered on a continuous basis which adds to my disgust.

My advice would be to any renters, if a property has Mac Grays machines demand a rent reduction before signing the lease. You should not have to pay for access to machines that half the time you will not be able to use.

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My experience is the same, the card readers don't read.I was given a brand new card, I used it once, the next week my card did not work in any of the washers or dryers.

I just put $20 on the card at the apartment office for a total of $23 dollars. When you call the 800 number, you get told that the card is bad. WHAT??? How did she diagnose this problem over the phone?

Is she the amazing Kreskin? If I put the card back in the office card charger, it reads my card every time with the correct dollar amount on it. DONT tell me the card is bad, it's brand new! Well we'll get someone out in 24 to 48 hours.


Working people plan their week in advance including laundry day.Academy Place, Manlius, NY needs to dump this lame company.


You slopped the room. clean-up after yourselves.

Richardson, Texas, United States #775155

Purchase your own Washer and Dryer and You will not have this problem.Problem solved.

to ***nie #804759

So Connie, Miss Smug who probably works for Mac Gray how about you fork over the funds for me to puchase a grand in equipment.I am a renter so obviously that is not an affordable option.

I would also have money for a car if I had money for a washer or drier.I guess in your case reading does not result in comprehension.

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